Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Season Opener

The new baseball season has begun.  Will's team name is "The Bees"  Yes, it is way too easy for opponents to yell "Boo Bees!" 
I don't know about you but I am the farthest thing from being a soccer or baseball mom.  I think I missed the training class on that part of being a good mother.  Either that or I failed it.

Monday evening was our first game.  Will has come a long way.  He is actually hitting the ball and making it around the bases.  His coach is great, parents seem friendly and encouraging.  Will already loves his teammates and all that. 

So I watch and observe the whole parental thing when it comes to their kids and sports.  Many yell out to their kid on the field what they SHOULD be doing like the infamous "Good job buddy, BUT." Yada yada yada.  A lot of times I hear the 'we talked about keeping your eye on the ball, foot on the base, watching the batter, why aren't you doing that' jargon.  Folks, the kids are 8.  C'Mon.  Does every game have to be full of pressure? Maybe it's just me and that's what we are supposed to do?  Granted, I cringe and then pray when Will heads up to bat and then I hold my breath when the ball is thrown but I'm not yelling out directions to the poor kid as he is trying to do his best.

Now on to the game meals.  This is where the good moms are separated from the bad ones.  Good moms bring individually wrapped homemade sour cream chicken burritos in the crock pot to keep them warm.  She has plenty so the grandparents can have some too.  Good mom is planning on bringing pulled pork in a crock pot at the next game only to follow with grilled sausages on a stick.

Bad mom shares a licorice rope with her daughter and calls it good.  Ahem.  Of course, I wouldn't know anything about that.

  Good mom is already planning the end of season party while bad mom hopes she can remember to show up for it!  Good mom is crocheting seat mats for the hard bleachers while bad mom throws out a blanket coated with cat hair.  Good mom remembers after game snacks for the team while bad mom conveniently forgets.

In the long run , I just want Will to have a great time, learn the game, get some exercise and fresh air.... oh and win a college baseball scholarship so we don't have to pay for school. 

A couple of "Bee" photos for you below.

Thank you sir for such a stunning pose


  1. LOL! I'm so right there with ya my friend! I noticed a lot of those parental...ahem..."differences" in basketball this year too. Really people? Sheesh! :-)
    P.S. It was great to see you at the library today!

    1. It was great seeing you too, Vanessa! Thanks for the BlogHer info - I appreciate it and will be checking it out. So much to learn out there. It's a whole other world!

  2. Ok... I have to admit it... I am one of those parents yelling at my kid to "focus more, get in front of the ball..." when the kids are playing soccer. Anna is hyper competitive and I do tend to push her (yes, I know she is JUST like me). But with Isaac - he is so NOT competitive that I can hardly watch his games! He has fun but it drives me crazy! Joe actually tried to ban me from his games last year. So, now I have to bring a book and try not to focus on the game :-)

    Don't worry - I am already saving for the hours of therapy I know they are going to need because of me!

    1. Too funny Laura! I love it! I'm finding that I'm not much of a sports person unless I'm the one playing! Ray makes up for both of us in the yelling part :)

      Now do you also run out on the field to correct Anna or Isaac? :) One of the dads on our team does that.

    2. No! Haha - I draw the line at actually going onto the field! lol


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