Monday, April 23, 2012

Seizing The Weekend

The weekend in Gearhart was full of adventure.  Can't you tell?  We had been at our beach house for only 1 hour before all the phones, Ipads, Kindles and laptops were in full use.  Forget conversation.  We had to check facebook and post on each other's timeline that we were all at the same place together.  Talk about seizing the moment.
 Speaking of seizing the moment (or in my case, sizing), how 'bout them chips?  I won't show you the after photo.  It might cause you heartburn.  Let's just say I have been downing detox tea since getting home. 

Frankly I was shocked by the gorgeous weather.  No wind, shirtsleeves mandatory, bike riding,  flowers in bloom, kids splashing in the waves kind of weather.  I was squinting the whole time.  This rainy girl doesn't know what to make of sunshine.

Some of my favorite people in the history of the world.  If you haven't noticed, Steve works out.  I think he would appreciate readers recognizing this.  
So the funniest thing about Gearhart, you can always find whole sand dollars.  There are hundreds of them.  Of course I only found 3 while the rest of the group found (no joke) 80 something.  Go figure.

I consider these friends, my family.  Awesome people, awesome food, awesome conversation.  Oh and also, awesome vino. Yes, there is video 'somewhere.'

Despite my warnings of doom and destruction, some still went body surfing.  I'm sorry but who the heck goes body surfing on a coastline known for sneaker waves and undertows?   Apparently my family does.

On a side note, I like Jaimey's side ponytail.  No pun intended.  Well, maybe.

Because who wouldn't be exhausted after downing multiple Dr. Peppers? 

I'm not sure what to say on this photo except I love it and the colors spoke to me.  No bigs.

I was going to ask if you thought this was sunrise or sunset.   Then I looked at the photo again and realized what a complete idiot I am.

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