Friday, April 20, 2012


I am in the process of applying to work on a farm for the upcoming summer and fall season.  It is designed to supplement my farmers market position.  I love food and I love farms.  It's a perfect match.  I have been doing business with this place every since Jaimey was a baby which was like yesterday. Beautiful farm store and orchards.  I have often tried to take Christmas photos there in hopes that distant friends and family would think the farm store was my house!

Well you may know that seasonal farm jobs are highly sought after in this area by the college crowd.  Students come home for the summer looking for some college cash and often land one of these jobs.

Anyway I am on step 2 of the process and out of 30 applicants, there are only 5 positions.  I believe out of the 30 applicants I am the eldest.  Gee, I always wanted to be the older sibling.  

There is a work availability sheet to fill out.  It reads, "Please mark dates you are unavailable to work, such as vacations with your parents, school classes and/or sports camps."

I left the entire form blank.  Unless you count "Does Not Apply" as filling it out.  Or unless of course, my son's baseball games count as MY sports camp.

Then came the "Basic Knowledge" test.  For the record, my brain does not compute basic knowledge anything.  Take today for example, Will asked me how many continents there were in the world.   What the heck?  How am I supposed to know that?  That my son is why you go to school so trained professionals can tell you.  It is so not in my job description.

I shouldn't admit this question is actually on a job application I am applying for but since I obviously have no pride left, I will tell you anyway.

"Do peaches and apples grow on trees?"   

I looked around for the hidden camera, is this some sort of prank or have I gone mad?   

Knowing me I probably still flunked it!


  1. LOL! I almost spit out my mouthful of sandwich reading this Jessica! You are so hysterical my friend and that application is cracking me up. Considering I feel like I'm getting dumber every day, it is probably just the right level for me! :-)

  2. I was totally humbled by the whole experience Vanessa. The sad thing is I truly think I got a lot of the questions wrong! Awesome :)


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