Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Where's The Paperwork?

I'm apologizing AGAIN for terrible photography.  I need to take some sort of class or access some  bogging help.  Bad photography can totally trash a blog,so bear with me.  Please and thank you :)  My family and friends blessed me with such a delightful birthday.  From the wonderful facebooks messages, to phone calls and texts,I felt very undeserving.  It truly was so kind.   My mom and I were actually able to have lunch together without being interrupted by excited kids dying for their grandma's attention.  So Jaimey made me some sunglasses for my birthday.  When I say  'made'I mean painting a rainbow design on the lenses.  So Elton John esque!

My favorite cookbook authored my by my hero, Ree Drummond, who in my humble opinion paved the way for women bloggers.

So I'm just a bit excited here...All of my family (moms, mom in law, Ray and more) chipped in to get me


Of course the first thing I did was yell and scream and perform dances and gyrations.  The 2nd thing I did was search for the owner's manual.  Uh duh, it's a Kindle.  There isn't a lot of paperwork available.  I know, it takes me awhile to catch on!  However, let it be known that both Will and Jaimey will be tutoring me on the use of it!

Huge thank yous to all my extended wonderful family for spoiling me!

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