Sunday, April 29, 2012

A World of Rejection

Due to the suggestion and encouragement from both my grandmother and my mother, I have submitted an article to a magazine.  Out of the 50 billion women (give or take a few trillion) submitting, the magazine is choosing 12 people.  These 12 lucky people will then attend an all expense paid writing workshop. 

I so have this.  It's like a no brainer.  I mean really, look at the odds!  

OK, maybe not.

You aren't going to believe where this writing workshop is going to be held.   I can sense your envy through cyberspace now.

Washington State.

And not just anywhere in Washington state, mind you.  We are talking the lush, warm, tropical town of Port Orchard.  See, I knew you would be jealous.  For the record, I'm so not picky!

Seriously though, if I had a bucket list this would be on it.  And no, I don't mean winning.  I mean this actual task of writing it, printing it and addressing the envelope.

Here's an idea.  I could start a bucket list, like today.  I could write in 'submit an article to a publication.'  I could then immediately cross it off!  Talk about accomplishment.  Wouldn't that feel great?  Do you ever write a task down on a list, even though you have already completed it, just for the sheer satisfaction of crossing it off? 

There is no drug available that can provide such a rush.

Of course, reality is we live in a world of rejection.  This is life after all.  And yes, this article could just be the beginning of a new string of them in my life. 

But, who cares?  At least I did it and for now that's enough.  Kind of.


  1. We need to talk girl! :-) I totally agree with your mom and grandma that you have the gift of writing...a regular word-smith if you will. LOL! You definitely need to start that bucket list today and write that at the top and then cross it off. Do it...I dare ya! ;-)

  2. I can SO relate - to both the writing something down just for the satisfaction of crossing it off, and also to submitting work and risking rejection. But that's how life happens and it's soooo worth it :) Good luck!


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