Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dental Conviction

My husband has an absolute phobia of anything dental related.  If I just mention 'cleaning', he visibly pales and involuntarily starts backing up, as if I'm going to trap him or something.

The kids know this about him.  I am naughty.  After our dental appts yesterday I told the kids they should tease their dad.  I told them they should describe how awful the scraping of the teeth sounds during cleaning, the unpleasant gritty texture of the polish and the feeling of wanting to gag as they take x rays. 

The kids giggled but Will said, "Mom, I'm not doing that to daddy.  I don't think that is something Jesus would do."

Wow Will, thanks for the buzz kill.  I hate it when my own kid convicts me. :)

Lest you think Will is quite a young theologian, read on....

While I was getting my teeth cleaned I could hear Will in the next 'stall' over chatting up the hygienist.  I was so proud of him because his manners were impeccable. 

But then the hygienist told Will it was his turn to get in the chair and his sister had left the seat all nice and warm.

"Uh oh, is it because she tooted again?" 

Nope, couldn't make it out of one appt without a comment. 

We were so close this time.

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