Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Moratorium on Technology

I took a brief break from technology this weekend.  When I say brief, I mean like waiting 3 hours between checking email, voicemail and facebook updates.  To my credit though, I didn't watch any TV.  I had my kindle for goodness sake!

This weekend Ray has been away on a men's retreat.  I have a rule about this.  Unless there has been a serious accident or complete emergency, I refuse to text him.  See right there I was already ahead of the game.  I firmly believe retreat should be just as it sounds, retreat from the everyday.  I figure most of life stuff can wait until he returns.  He will hear about it soon enough, like how I adopted a senior citizen dog named Gil along with 3 stray kittens while at the same time investing in a chicken tractor complete with the chicks from the farmers market.  I blame it on urban homesteading.

Welcome Home, Ray.

I digress, but why I tried taking a break was this.  I think I'm suffering from digital overload.  I have this tendency happening a lot.  I find myself trying to have a conversation when all of sudden my mind goes blank and I can't remember the rest of the sentence or issue I was discussing.  And don't even get me started when I'm trying to have a conversation while texting at the same time. Total shutdown!  If you know me, you have seen it happen.  My body language reveals I have entered the netherworld.

Yes, I know as a mother this can be a common ailment. My mind is always racing ahead to the next load of laundry and wondering if I forgot to pick my kids up again. 

This is different though.  In addition to the every day, my digital mind is always going from a text to an email, to facebook status checks to the next email I need to answer to the next phone call I'm either taking or making.  My brain can't keep up and I'm not sure it was meant to!

So, I may try and see if decreasing a bit helps any. 

Ray says an IPhone would make all these troubles go away.  Hmmmm....

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