Thursday, May 24, 2012

Muffins and Drug Tests

Sorry for my post yesterday, appears I left out the Bible verse til the very end.  Typical.  Not that anyone is surprised by the zoning out.

I went to sign some paperwork at the new job this morning and I was able to meet the Bereavement Counselor (no I won't be working in a funeral home)

He had a muffin and offered me some.  I declined.  Not to be rude but my stomach lurches just looking at a poppyseed muffin from Costco. 

Anyway, my 'sistah from another mistah' who also works for the same company, (OK, I admit - she is why I got the job) introduced me to him and said "Did he already offer you breakfast?"

I replied, "Oh yes, he already showed me his muffin."  

Woops, is it just me or did that come out really wrong??

After that I had to go take a drug test and I had to pee pee with a man's ear pressed up to the door to make sure I wasn't swapping out my pee pee with someone else's. 

Well I had to go like a racehorse so I apologized for the ahem...large amount.

He gave me the look of "Oh girlfriend, you have no idea of the things I've seen."

I'm just glad I didn't eat any of Mr. Bereavement Coordinator's poppyseed muffin.

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