Monday, May 21, 2012

Pet Parade

The Silverton Pet Parade was held this weekend.  Talk about the cutest parade ever.  Totally retro.  It has been in existence for years and years in this small town.  It is my favorite event all summer.  I would have to say however, I found the hissing cockroaches incredibly disturbing. 

Love Great Danes, especially ones who are dressed up!

 This guy was so awesome playing his banjo while his dog walked beside him
Many people in the parade threw candy to all the folks watching.  Apparently a couple of kids didn't like some of the candy and in turn threw it back.  Nice.  What kids would do that??  Certainly not mine.  As if.

Irish Wolfhounds

A pony named Lily.

And of course, 'Hippie Dog.'

The parade walked right past the farmers market so of course I was thrilled how parade attendees hung around and started buying!  I am excited to have signed an organic lemonade vendor.  They make it on site using fresh mint, Oregon berries and even Chia seeds!  In addition all of their packaging is compostible - right up my alley.

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