Monday, May 7, 2012

Reclining Toilets and Fundraisers

I enjoyed a lovely evening with friends at a fundraising dinner.  As always, when I am around close friends I tend to be easily excited.  I laugh way too hard and way too loud at all the wrong things.  Just a word of caution, if you are attending a serious event, please don't invite me.  I will make your evening a living hell.  Just think of a weird 4th cousin kind of thing and you will know what I mean.

Our table included a couple of guests I didn't know, lovely people.  Now, some of our friends (at the table) own some rentals and one of the homes experienced a severe toilet breakage.  Apparently a family member of the renter had basically been 'reclining' back on the toilet causing the tank to shift and start leaking.  The whole thing needing to be replaced.

Oh this was gonna be fun...

We designed the ultimate toilet seating luxury experience.   A reclining toilet that included a foot rest to kick up your feet, drink holder, a flat screen and a spot to house the remote.  I'll refrain from some of the other things but I was laughing.  Very hard.  Like during the main speaker.  It was awful - I just couldn't control myself and of course, I was sitting right up front which made it difficult to step out to the bathroom.  I hate being immature.

After the speaker stepped down and the table guests resumed talking, I asked my friend (recently employed by the company whose event we were at) if any of her bosses or supervisors were there for the evening.

She turns to the couple at our table (the lovely people) and tells us yes, as a matter of fact.  She then politely introduces us to the Vice Principal who also had been on her interview panel.

How very fitting. 

Let's just say I came away making a much bigger monetary donation than I originally planned on.

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