Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Sweet Taste Of What Is To Come

Wednesday morning found me practically kicking the kids out the car door in front of school. Mid week farmers market was opening downtown and word on the street was a small batch of strawberries would be available. Not just any strawberries.  Gorgeous, organic, sweet strawberries grown by one of my favorites, Denison Farms, in Corvallis, Oregon.

In my eagerness, I discovered I was one hour early before opening bell.  However, they most kindly let me purchase anyway.  I'm sure that by 10:30 they were most likely sold out.  This time of year the berries are coming in small batches so earlier the better if you intend to get any.

They were all I imagined they would be.  Bliss.
At home I had whipped fresh cream for a cake I was making later that day.  I thought, "Why not?"  One berry in cream won't hurt.  Oh have mercy. Yeah I'm sure the rest of the pint in cream won't hurt either. Enjoying your first berry of the season comes only once per year. - make the best of it!

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