Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Up In My Grill

We are probably a minority in that we don't own a gas grill.  That went down the tubes the year we discovered rats and mice had been making there abode in our grill.  Some had also decided to die there as well.  So, basically we could never use it again.  Unless we wanted to vomit, of course.

In came the good ol' charcoal grill and I don't think we would go back to gas.  Unless of course, we won a Traeger or something. Also, we use Trader Joes for our charcoal.  It is much nicer with no nasty carcinogenics.  6.99 for a big bag.

Sunday's weather was pretty decent and I had just made a trip to the farmers market the day prior.  It was fun to think that our entire meal was grown within a 250 mile radius.  Have you ever eaten Asparagus off the grill?  Our kids even loved it.  Just baste it with a bit of olive oil and fresh cracked pepper and kosher salt.  Call it good. 

 Same with the chicken and the organic sausages need nothing except a big crusty bun and loads of mustard.  Also I had bought another batch of fingerling potatoes.  They are nice and small as I have said before, and actually resemble someone's finger or if you are a new mom and your mind is on all things baby, a little boy's dinky.  Sorry, but tell me you agree.  Take a look.

Back to the real use of the potatoes, I made a really great potato salad with a recipe I have used for years from Bon Appetit.  It is called State Fair Potato Salad.  Crazy as it sounds, don't serve it cold.  Room temp is best or even slightly warm. The flavors are great together.

Finally after dinner, we did smores.  Ray and I used fair trade dark chocolate with crushed espresso beans in it for our chocolate.  Nice way to celebrate the first grill of the season.

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