So I have been stocking up on some grocery items in preparation for busy days ahead.  I was told by my friend Cyndi the beauty of Trader Joe's Chocolate Croissants.  I decided to pick them up and keep them in the freezer.  However, they didn't stay in there for long.

They cost 3.99 for 4 croissants and they are entirely glorious.  Enough that given the opportunity and some good ol' PMS I could eat the entire batch.

You simply place them on a cookie sheet for overnight to let them thaw and rise.  The next morning pop them in the oven and soon the smell of a French bakery will start permeating throughout your home creating a fabulous deodorizer.  It also acts as a great cover up for kitten pee pee or if you are trying to entice someone to buy your house.

This is me...

This is not me.  So very much not me...

But this is...

Since I am headed back to work I now have a personal assistant

This is me right after my 4 am workout
        My metabolism is such that I can   eat several of these and actually lose weight.  Life is so tough.

This is my reality AFTER 

I swear, sometimes Ray is so naughty...


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