Thursday, June 14, 2012

Notes To Self

A few experiences stand out in my mind from the last week that I should not repeat.

1)  Do not fall asleep in group patient meetings

2)  Do not think the kitten's milk formula is my protein smoothie drink

3)  Do not loiter around the bodyguards while the Oregon Governor is in a

4)  Do not laugh hysterically at something stupid while the attending hospice
     physician is doing his dictation

5)  Do not shoot off anything, especially a confetti gun, at the workplace

6)  Do not eat the last cupcake

7)  Leave the Quality Care Manager's candy alone

8)  Do not do anything that might make the Executive Director rethink his
     decision to hire me.

9)  Do not play a joke on the above mentioned director  (no matter who
     tells me too :)

10)  Make sure I am fully dressed prior to the house painters working on the


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