Friday, June 1, 2012


I only have a few more days of freedom left.  Many would think it is because school is letting out.  I suppose that is true in a way but I am also starting my new job on Tuesday.  Great timing, right?  Of course I would have preferred starting in the fall but I'm not going to doubt the timing.  God knows.

So what am I doing with these last days, knowing the end is near?  Hmmm...good question.  Wandering around my house seems to sum it up.    I'm starting many projects and finishing none of them.  I have in my mind all the things I would still like to accomplish prior to my first day.  I am beginning to doubt whether or not they will be completed.

Today I framed a very cute photo of the children to bring to work for my desk.  This is going to be very tough.  Yes I admit, most days my kids are so nasty with one another, bickering over a every little lego piece while crying for my intervention.  And yes I admit, I want to run out the house and cry for my mom.

However, I think I may actually miss this in light of full time work.  I know, shocking.

Here is a new thing, my daughter is starting to have B.O!  I actually had her put on some (all natural of course) deodorant yesterday.  I am very mad at the whole hormone thing.  I was hoping all the organic and local food I paid through the nose on plus shoved at her for 10 years would delay such things. 

I want my money back!  I'll tell you one thing, from here on out it will be twinkies 24/7.

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