Again, more changes. Seriously? Someone make it stop please! Blogging is therapeutic for me although I never get a chance to do it. Then, in the middle of the night all the things I want to blog about are forgotten by morning. Bear with me. I hope it will make sense before too much longer since I am an impatient person. Once again my life is changing in terms of work and general existence. It was so hard to leave Hospice in terms of the close relationships I have developed with a strong support of women that have rallied me behind and have offered unconditional love and care. I'm moving on to a new position that I hope will allow me a better return financially as I am struggling in that piece of my life. I have gone through the top 3-4 life changes that are claimed to be the worst and which apparently require 1 year to process for each one. 3 years? No bueno. I refuse to agree :) Moving,ending of a marriage, the impending loss of a home, 2 jobs, resignation of a 3rd weekend job,expensive car repairs , a new commute, loss of my health insurance for the next 3 months, and daughter going into middle school (the most terrifying of all I think) All of this is not to ask for pity or awwwww poor girl. Please refrain from comments such as "You asked for it when you ended your marriage" or "If you had sucked it up you wouldn't be in this position now." or worse, "Tell me specifically what is going on in your life so I can know how specifically to pray for you." Most importantly, don't use that one. If I have to hear any I will opt for the first two, thanks very much. Oh and apparently I pissed God off and have fallen into the hands of the devil. I choose to believe in a benevolent, caregiving God who doesn't inflict shame but rather surrounds one with a loving presence. Not to worry, this blog is not moving into some sort of depressing montage of all that is wrong in my life. Trust me, there of moments of great joy and thankfulness for which I am so grateful. This is a season of life that I pray will only make me a stronger person.


  1. You are beloved, you belong and you are loved.

  2. That means so much Christy! Thank you for your loving kindness :)


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