Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thank You

I appreciate the opportunity I had to vent in my last post. I finished the post feeling a bit vulnerable but also a sense of relief in getting it out. Please know that I was grateful for a chance to express some of my current difficulties. Thank you for listening and enduring the depressing diatribe. Anyhoo, I was laughing at my son Will the other day. That kid cracks me up. He can be such a little poop but then at other times, a complete love. He is 9 years old now and I still call him my baby boy, much to his chagrin. I remind him that I will continue to do so long after he is married with a family of his own. I was laughing because he told me if someone robbed our house there really wouldn't be anything worth taking. Nice. See it is those little blessings in life, right? :) Jaimey had a situation at school from a boy who decided it was a great time to profess his love for her. She in turn didn't respond (good girl) thus causing the boy to announce he was going to kill himself due to unrequited love. He then proceeded to start eating copious amounts of pencil lead. Apparently more boys got involved resulting in one of them being suspended. And so begins right fellow mamas? Here we are entering the world of zits and training bras. What the what? It was yesterday that I would hold my newborn daughter and we would watch the mama robin in the backyard feeding her babies. I was so lonely and scared at being a new mother that I actually took great comfort in this mama bird feeding her young. I didn't feel as alone as crazy at that sounds. Fast forward to 11 years and here we are discussing locker combinations, bullies, what to do if she starts her period at school, the initial confusion of changing classes and how her father will protect her at any cost from yucky boys. Let the good times roll

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  1. You must be doing an awesome job with those kiddos because they sound just like mine! (and i KNOW I am doing a great job! LOL)


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