Friday, June 28, 2013

Cards For Decorating Your Cubicle, Insulting Co Workers and Justifying Employee's Excessive Drinking

Gotta love these post cards. I bought them 2 weeks ago at a yard sale for a buck. Today I have been the Pied Piper, leaving them anonymously on people's desk. Check some of them out: Sorry I called, emailed, or IM'd you from three feet away Just getting on your radar because I may need something from you soon Please stop scheduling Friday afternoon meetings We've decided to change the name of the department in order to fix all it's problems I can tell that you've pretended to work very hard on this project Get well soon before the company realizes you're expendable Sorry your post vacation workload has completely negated all the benefits of your vacation (given to my boss) Never again will your personal water bottle make contact with the communal water cooler spout (I taped this one to the water cooler) I own you

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