Friday, June 14, 2013

I'm Not Going To Lie....

although I reserve the right to do so, just depends on what you ask me. I kid of course. Sort of... So here ya go, it is hard for me to see the hip, stylish work at home moms with their tribe in tow. The ability to stay home with your kids is a beautiful thing and one I never took for granted. I had that privilege for about 8 years and while it was the hardest work ever, it was so relieving NOT to figure out childcare. Time went on and things such as bills and mortgages raised their ugly heads resulting in the need to have a bit more income in the house. At that time the decision was made to return to the outside work world. It was an extremely difficult transition especially since my past line of work had never been too rewarding. This season the kids are getting older of course. Before long they will be able to watch themselves (gasp) but in the meantime both parent's heads are ready to explode from the sheer torture of figuring out where the kids are when. Thank God for two very supportive grandmothers who would bite their arms off in order to help these children. It has been hard figuring out details, especially as I try to navigate my job. By far this is the most badass hard work position I have ever held. I admit, things come to me a little harder to me than your average Joe. I think I was just meant to bake cupcakes all day or something because I suck as an employee. I am so ADD, it is pathetic. I mean what in the world am I supposed to do with a project assignment that is titled in all numbers, with a few letters thrown in for crap and giggles. Did I mention I failed Algebra every term except one?? I blame my incompetency from the time I had a Demerol IV in the hospital. Oh, and those 2 epidurals as well. I think they killed some brain cells. I swear I used to be smarter, at least that is what I tell my employer anyway. If they didn't know what they were getting into when they hired me, they sure as hell know now! With my mind in such a rattle state it is no wonder that popcorn and ice cream are making their way on to the dinner menu for my kids. I will deny this in a court of law. Seriously though, after working here I can see why this company offers beer and wine during the work day. Now if they offered child care that would be bomb.

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