Wednesday, July 3, 2013


This year the 4th of July looks a bit different. The kiddos are in Idaho for their annual 'visit grandparents' trip. Thankfully they are having a most wonderful time. Will is very proud because he helped grandma make potato salad and Jaimey has been painting garden gnomes. Lots of ice cream and day trips have given them some fun days. Needless to say, I miss them terribly but we text, talk on the phone and send photos back and forth to keep in touch. With the holiday week upon us surprisingly it turns out I have a few unexpected days off. No one was more shocked than I but I'm sure trying to make the best of. Gosh darn it's tough! I mean a margarita on the lake at 5 pm seems almost criminal and don't even get me started on reading a library book poolside. Horror of horrors I tell you. I literally have parked my car and I am walking every where I need to go. Before you get all impressed at my green way of living bear in mind everything is within close walking distance, so it really isn't all that impressive. I won't argue though, saves a bunch on the gas tank. Cooking is becoming enjoyable again and with the hot days I like to find things to make that require minimal heat. I made a crazy good batch of Gazpacho thanks to a recipe by Ina Garten. Tonight, on the eve of the 4th, I am going to an outside concert where it is a BYOP (bring your own picnic) so I decided to pick up some Irish cheese, a fresh baguette from St. Honore and some basil. First I am using up some farmer's market goodness by grilling up some gorgeous green beans with a little bacon. I'm lightly grilling the baguette to use as the anchor for some balsamic marinated tomatoes and basil. You can't go wrong with some salami from Olympic Provisions and it pairs beautifully with the Irish cheese. Just for good measure I am throwing in some fresh carrots and artichoke hummus. Baird Farms cherries will be joining the group as well and finally ice cream from my new addiction, Salt and Straw. I could care less about the fireworks and absurd patriotic outfits but mention a picnic and I am so there.

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