Friday, August 2, 2013

Coffee Ice Cubes

In preparation for the hot weekend ahead I am making coffee and freezing it in ice cube trays. I know, I am way behind on the boat with that one and it took an 11 year old girl to remind me. Who likes it when their iced lattes and mochas get watered down by melted ice? Not I. Have you seen the latest Starbucks creation conveniently located in the milk/creamer section of your favorite grocery? You can buy cartons of cold mocha or caramel macchiato - the carton says "Starbucks Discoveries" I'm straight up addicted and I hope you will become as well but no pressure. I refuse to look at the caloric content because I figure since I'm saving a ton on buying coffee everyday, a few extra calories won't hurt. One of these I will figure out how to put photos from my phone on my blog. I know it is boring in the meantime. I love photos with posts and once I DO figure it out, I'm going to be filling pages with them!

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