Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How Downton Abbey Affects The Working Class....

I was in the library yesterday picking up some holds. The library is truly one of my favorite haunts and one I frequent several times per week. My poor children, although Jaimey adores it as much as I do. We walk the 3 blocks to get there and of course, Will acts as if he has traveled the Sahara desert by the time we arrive. Anyway, I was excited because Season One of 'Call the Midwife' had arrived. This is a BBC series about the essential role of midwives back in the 50's in the poverty stricken area of East London. The series is based on a midwife's memoir, Jenny Lee, and is deliciously portrayed by actress, Jessica Raine. I am captivated by the series because it has been so inspiring to learn how these courageous woman provided health and comfort to the lower working class of England. If you haven't seen it, I would encourage you to look it up. It is definitely more hard core than Downton Abbey but in a good way. No corsets, butlers and fine dining in this one. As I was checking out the librarian and I began discussing the series which inevitably led to Downton Abbey. She then proceeded to tell me she couldn't watch the series because it infuriated her how the servants were treated in terms of doing everything a normal, healthy person could do for themselves. Of course I jumped on that train and heartily agreed, thus sparking a more in depth conversation as the line behind me lengthened. Pretty soon her childhood issues became to come out, detailing to me how cruel her mother was to her as a child and how the matriarch (portrayed) by Maggie Smith was a total complete and utter "bitch." Alrighty then... She then smiled at me and told me how wonderful it was to talk with me. I told her she would be receiving my bill in the mail... Kidding of course. Kind of :)

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