Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rosemary, Roger and Jean

I cooked bacon this morning. The house still smells like bacon. I have tweens and teens in the house this weekend and meals are flying out of here at an enormous speed. It is a gorgeous fall day out so I wanted to bring some outside freshness into the house. Lately I am becoming somewhat intoxicated by the sheer enormity of a thing called Pinterest. It is altogether addicting yet it leaves me with a feeling of incompetency and a sense of failure in my abilities. Wow, that sounds healthy doesn't it? With that in mind, I continue to go on it. Call it self sabotage. What I am finding then is to stick with ideas that are relevant to me and attainable, like how to peel an apple for instance or using apple butter instead of butter in a pumpkin cake :) Enter Rosemary Lemon air freshener. Check out or my Pinterest board for the recipe. I happened upon a large rosemary and strawberry plot on a walk the other day and fell in love. How beautiful to use strawberry plants as ground cover. I walked over today in hopes of cutting some of the rosemary and the couple, Roger and Jean, happened to be out. I would not be surprised if Roger grew up in Berkeley. They look to be in their 80's with Jean confined to a wheelchair and unable to speak. Roger's philosophy is to replant areas with edible ground cover, fruit trees and herbs. He likes to bring nature to urban areas. Love it. We struck up a conversation right away and he loved the air freshener idea except suggested I should also drink it like a tea. Think I'll pass. Come to find out he sells his rosemary to fine local restaurants such as Higgins and Heathman Hotel. Anyway, I took my bounty home with me excited to share with the kids my latest experiment. The verdict is in. "We really like the bacon smell better." Mission failed.

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