Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday and Sur La Table

This morning is a morning for carbs. The children asked if I could make chocolate chip muffins. Who am I to argue? In addition, I purchased some late season blackberries at the farmers market yesterday and I had some pastry in the freezer so I made a galette which was a lovely way to celebrate fast approaching fall. Anyway, galettes, chocolate chip muffins and coffee equals quite the carb load for a Sunday morning. Oh well, we will burn it off later. By making more food. A week and a 1/2 ago I applied for a position with the most lovely kitchen store us foodies know and love but can never afford, Sur La Table. I was called in for an extensive interview which included a verbal exam of my kitchen knowledge. I even had to explain the use of a kitchen tool as if I were educating a customer. They seemed pleased, albeit I didn't 'close the sale' so to speak. My first thought was "Well, of course I'm not going to close any sale, your stuff is way too damn expensive." :) They asked how I would feel given my long history of management (?) to be in a lower position of associate. What the what? I have never managed anyone in my life unless you count my kids. I think they had me confused with someone else! Then they wanted to call references and I have 2 that are extremely generous and gracious in their referrals. When Sur La Table called somehow they assumed they had been my former bosses and proceeded to ask fairly in depth questions. I felt so bad because my lovely ladies were taken by surprise (as was I) by their assumptions. Although, in reality both hold positions much higher than myself so I suppose in a way that counts. Right?? Ladies, you know who you are and I owe you. Big time. The nice part was they were willing to work with the kiddo's schedules and allow part time work which is ideal. Never mind the fact the pay is terrible and they offer no benefits. No biggie (cough,cough) Oh well. Maybe it is time to finally bite the bullet and finish my Ph.D. I just have to finish my thesis which I titled "How to bullshit one's way through an interview, the inability to hold a job and it's affect on society." I believe very strongly in writing about a topic I have a personal relationship with. :) I think I still might have a shot at the job though. One of my references, not to mention any names but her name is Debbie, promised if they hired me she would shop at their stores. I think that alone sealed the deal.

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