Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Gig Is Up

Today is a rare day of quiet and catch up. The children are at school - I sure miss them. We really enjoyed some good summer days together with no schedule which was pretty awesome! Because I drive so much I really try to limit travel on the days it isn't necessary. I keep the car parked and walk anywhere I need to go to help cut down on fuel costs. Before you thank me for reducing my carbon footprint please know I totally make up for it on the days I DO drive. Thankfully it works pretty well because everything I need (i.e library and coffeehouse) is within walking distance :) The drizzle of rain brought out the early fall in me so today I put together some food items that will complement the weather. Think loads of carbs, to my shame. Then, I made the stupid mistake of going on Pinterest to look for "inspiration" Why must I torture myself in this way? I'm sorry but not even Martha Stewart can get down with all the shiz goin on with that website. Regardless, I did find some recipes and one craft project I might actually be able to understand with the kids. As I posted on Facebook today, "Pinterest makes me feel like a complete and utter loser." Finally, I am attempting to knit a neck scarf for Gracie the Greyhound. I know, if I am going to knit why can't I choose hats for the NICU babies? For one, I don't know how to knit hats and second of all even if I did, I would never want to embarrass a baby by having them wear one of my ahem 'creations.' So Gracie is the lucky recipient, unbeknownst to her. The scarf is actually called a snood which is all in one piece and just slips over her neck (at least that is what it is supposed to do, who knows after I'm done with it?) Thinking I was being all creative I walked into the local quilting store and made the stupid error of asking if they carried yarn. Hey, guess what? You can't find yarn in a quilt shop. I think I have been outed and the gig is up as far as Gracie is concerned. She chewed up all my knitting needles....

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