Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dog Days

I know I mention Marley the Lab frequently. It's just that he has become such a full time patient that it is hard not to share about his ups and downs. Truly I think his former owners aptly named him and that should have been the first warning. However, in spite of his namesake, he is the kindest, loving dog and amidst his tragic health issues, he remains to be a faithful companion to one and all. So the vet's office has adopted Marley as their mascot. On the days I had to carry him in or he was on a stretcher that goofy dog still thumped his tail even in light of some challenging medical procedures he endured. Yes, he has cost thousands and yes, we are now members of the Banfield Charitable Trust Foundation and yes, I feel the need to provide baked goods on a regular basis to the clinic, but this dog has won the hearts of many. So I have to give a serious shout out to the vet hospital he practically lives at. The extra measures they took to help save his life have been nothing short of phenomenal. I admit, there are days I just stop in with Marley to say 'Hello' and the girls all pull out their phones for photo shoots. He heads to the back clinic and works the crowd. I will be in the waiting room and you can hear the staff squealing over his arrival. Seriously, what dog knows we are headed to the vet when we turn on their street and proceeds goes nuts? He even has his sister convinced and now she too has joined in the festivities. The other day the clinic manager approached me and asked if Marley and I would go on camera to film a video testimonial. Apparently their corporate media guy has also become a disciple of Marley and wants us to 'share his story.' Of course my first question was if wardrobe and make up would be included. I was told not to push my luck. The only catch is we are waiting 2 weeks in the event Marley goes on the decline and doesn't make it. It can change in an instant. This time I was in for Marley's weight check though and I had also been called in to fill out paperwork from his surgeries. What greeted me was nothing short of humbling. Out came cases of Marley's special high energy food. Apparently the entire staff chipped in and decided to supply his food through the rest of the year. His food costs upwards of 300.00 per month and that doesn't include his diet of rice, pumpkin, cottage cheese, yogurt and eggs. No joke. I know it sounds ridiculous to even consider spending that kind of money on a pet when millions upon millions are suffering in horrific ways but please know he is a special creature, loved by many and worth every penny when we see the joy he brings to others. Thanks to the generous outpouring of love from the vet's office many things that weren't possible suddenly became a reality.

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