Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy Pill

Today I am just plain ol ass mad. And cranky. And snotty. I know we all have these days but I admit, I may have them more often than the average bear because I tend to be a crotchety hen at times. I knew I was in trouble today when I found myself doing the palms up gesture of "What the?" when I was cut off in a crosswalk. It continued when my dog took 45 min to pee outside in the pouring rain because she couldn't find a spot worthy of her waste. Then I was imagining myself actually flipping the bird to the parent in front of me as they informed me they wouldn't be sending their kid to the same school as Jaimey because of it's low socio economic status and heavy cultural diversity. Oh I was so humbled by their display of genuine Christian love. So inspiring..... On another note, is there no one in this great state of Oregon that sells Mrs. Meyer's Seasonal Orange Clove cleaner? For the love of all things clean, seriously? Is it wrong I almost slapped the guy at the post office upside the head for letting the door slam in my face? I made sure I said thank you to him. Am I out of line for wanting to school the guy at JoAnn Fabrics for assuming every lung cancer patient on Hospice smoked cigarettes? I feel better getting all of this out, this has been awesome and on that note it looks like I'm headed to the pharmacy for my happy pill :)

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