Friday, November 15, 2013

8th Street House

Several months of searching have finally paid off. Lucky and I found a gem of a house with all the charm we only hoped for. If everything goes according to plan we should be able to move in around December 21st, so Merry Christmas kids! Actually the kids are so excited they are designing floor plans for their bedrooms. I am actually really impressed with their ideas. So cute in fact that my fears of tween/teen creepy design have definitely lessened. I will admit, there will be one poster of Justin Bieber but I am happy to say it will be tastefully arranged, as much as Justin Bieber can be. Jaimey most likely will have a poster of rats or some such. I'm not sure which is worse. Will asked if his bedroom could be painted dark purple. Dude you aren't a member of a 70's rock band. We are gently steering him to consider the possibilities of say, blue. The house is a craftsman style built in 1900 and then recently, it was remodeled. The previous owner really protected the integrity of the era in which the house was built so loads of original built ins, a laundry chute (I'm sure Will will try to shove the girls down it at some point) and orginal heat grates in the floor. The back yard has a fire pit, raised garden beds, climbing rose bushes, a small herb garden I hope to expand and beautiful trees. It will be a lovely area for the kids and plenty of space for everyone to spread out once it is cleaned up. We are really grateful for the opportunity and plus we only have to move 5 blocks away. In addition we will be living across the street from a Catholic priest and his parish - how convenient is that, right? :) OK, I admit I'm a bit of a sucker when it comes to ideas of making some mad money by something I make/provide. So of course I have this grand scheme of having some hens for eggs (and pets), growing herbs/ flowers and selling them out in front of the house on a cool display while claiming to be a farm chick/urban homesteader. I blame it all on the bake sales my cousin and I used to have when we were like 8. Hey, don't knock it - we made 5 bucks over one summer and because of our hard work and determination we bought the slip and slide we had coveted all summer at Thrifty Drug. All kidding aside, it is quite possible I would have customers if it was executed correctly. Lake Oswegans love to brag that they paid ONLY a mere 10 bucks for a dozen organic eggs and it was so worth the gas used in their 2015 Range Rover for the souffle their housekeeper was making for that evening's dinner party. I'm totally kidding but there is a good clientele around the area. Not to worry, I won't do it but I hate that I want to! Maybe this time however I will actually give pause and NOT fall into yet another hare brained scheme that loses money instead of makes it. The idea is cute though, yes?

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