Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Self Confidence Of A 9 Year Old Boy

My son, Will, has been providing much entertainment in terms of his one liners. He is pretty popular at school, meaning he talks up any kid who will listen and most likely bugs the crap out of the poor soul who puts up with it. Much like his mother. Anyway he told me when he has missed a day of school he will always check in with his fellow classmates and ask how the day went. Apparently all the boys tell him it was boring because he was gone. In other words, music to his ears! Now he has a new strategy. He told me he will no longer ask kids how the day went if he misses school. Rather he will remain silent and let them come to him, "Like fish coming for the bait." This is the boy that thinks it is funny to clap his hands as means to let me know he needs me to bring him something. I don't think my son is struggling with self confidence....

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