Thursday, December 5, 2013

One Skein Wonders

Today I decided to wait on my goofy novels and delve into something with a bit more substance. First off, I am a certifiable crafting disaster. Oh how I seethe with jealousy over the moms that possess the natural ability to make something out of nothing. So, last night I was almost in tears over a knitting project I have been working on. It is a ridiculous project, it is a 'snood' for Gracie. A snood is much like an infinity scarf only it fits snugger and they work well for Greyhounds because they get really cold in the winter. This project has been chapping my ass. Seriously, I sit on a heating pad while I work on it. It appears I haven't been proper in my technique because looking at my work last night, we all agreed one side was definitely longer than the other. Hmmmm... In addition I was SUPPOSED to cast on 84 stitches, however it appeared I now had over 100 stitches on the needle. The tell tale sign something was seriously amiss was when Lucky held it up to the length of Gracie's neck only to find it extended way down to the middle of her back. Lucky suggested in his kind way that perhaps I could make it into a sweater. After attempting to start over 2 more times I finally gave up, ripped it out and had myself a nice pity party over my knitting failure. That being said, I am checking out the knitting book, "One Skein Wonders" because goodness knows, there is no way I can dare use more than one ball of yarn, much less finish a project. Lucky claims my stitches looked wonderful on Gracie's attempted snood and he can't wait to wear the scarf I'm apparently going to make him. While I appreciate his faith in me, I have purchased a back up scarf for him, just in case.

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  1. Tell me more. ARe you new to knitting? what's the pattern like?


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