Friday, December 6, 2013

You Can Tell This Craft Project Cost Nothing!

If you recall, I shared on my previous post my latest crafting catastrophe. The Pinterest police would totally remove this project as inappropriate content but I guess I can get away with it here. I found a bulletin board next to a dumpster. I know, gross right? Judge as you see fit but I took it anyway. We had a bunch of old sheet music from Nickie's piano classes. We had paint, Mod Podge and access to printing black and white photos off my phone from this past year. I painted the board black, glued down sheet music on top of the paint and then cut out the printed photos and adhered them with glue as well. Finally, I Mod Podged the entire piece of crap and because I was feeling spunky, sprinkled silver glitter over for effect. Oh please. At the end, I took a black sharpie pen to black out all my nicks and paint smudges on the black frame. What you see below is the final, ahem, piece of glory. The sweetest thing is all the family loves it and can't wait to see it hung up in the new family room. God bless em, one and all! Now for the kicker. Apparently I turned the board upside down while working on it resulting in the hardware to hang it completely flipped to the bottom instead of the top. Why am I surprised by this? The only way I can get out of this embarrassing project is to say it truly was made in love and from the heart. Perhaps that will cover the multiple of crafting sins that I have committed.

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