Monday, January 27, 2014

Curtains and Why I Flunked Home EC

I had posted on Facebook the other day that I was attempting to alter curtains for my son's bedroom. The curtains are from IKEA and their panels come in 98 inch lengths versus the traditional 84 inch. No worries, I thought to myself. I can shorten them to fit accordingly. First mistake. Sewing doesn't come easily to me at but then again, what design art does? I jerry rigged my way through it and then tried to get all fancy by making some sort of weird valance trimmed in burlap of all things and then added a large pillowcase/sham for his bed. I'm really grateful Will isn't picky.... This whole experience brought to mind why exactly I flunked Home EC in high school. Not all of it was my fault, however. The part that was my fault included the fact we were to make an article of clothing. While girls decided to make their own prom dresses, I chose a crappy green plaid cotton that resembled something Heidi would wear to make a skirt. After tearing out seams repeatedly I finally made it to the zipper portion of the project in which I stitched the zipper at the bottom of the skirt instead of the top waist band. Basically I created an upside down garment that I was supposed to try on and model for the class upon completion. No way. No how. I refused to rip out yet another one of my errors, much less wear the piece of crap so I decided I would take the F rather than humiliate myself even further. I know, not much sense in my head to accept an F in my senior year simply because I was being stubborn. So my moral to this sad tale? Don't sew zippers to the bottom portion of a skirt.

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  1. Mrs. Taylor actually flunked you? wasn't like you didn't try.


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