Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Euro Flair

Settling into a new house takes some time. Slowly but surely however, things are making their way into permanent spots. One must be patient with such things and realize it takes a while to fully settle in. Even when you do, there is always another project waiting to take the place of the one you just finished. This weekend we scored on 2 pairs of floor length Pottery Barn curtains off of Craig's List. A bit of a wash on delicate with some Oxy Clean and they were good to go. In addition, found some nice hardware in which to hang them and the living room looks great. While we purchased something off of Craig's List this weekend we also got rid of some items as well It was a Craig's Listapalooza. It is a little disturbing however when people show up at your house to pick up their items, look at the rest of your stuff and ask if there is anything else you want to get rid of (free of charge, by the way.) A gentle reminder, this is not a garage sale. One funny thing about the house is the oven. The oven was made in Switzerland and the stove top in Denmark. It is fashionably titled the "Euro Flair Series." While this may sound exotic, it really isn't. First, one thing about European ovens is they are smaller than our typical mega portion American ones. Second, since I am not fluent in Swiss or Danish I am unable to understand what some of the controls actually do. So far, I can make out convection so everything is currently being baked on convection. Third, I wouldn't plan on hosting Thanksgiving for many people given the fact unless you roast a turkey breast or tofurky, a regular size one simply won't fit. Lucky's biggest concern over the oven when we first saw it was, "I'm fine with the fact big turkeys and roasting pans won't fit, the question is will you still be able to make your pies and cookies?" It's all about priorities and proof that yes, dessert matters, even in a Euro Flair.

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