Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Scotland Day One

My first thought when someone posts a travel journal is, 'excuse me while I yawn.' I say this because someone else's travel experiences aren't necessarily mine and it is hard to visualize someplace I haven't been. This translates to not enough time for me to talk about myself. At any rate, I will just say I am writing this for me so that I can record my trip somewhere. Lucky you. If you are looking for warmth, color, amazing food and blue skies do not visit Scotland in December. However, if you love One Direction, the color grey, dusk at 3:15pm, beautiful accents, whiskey (single malt AND blended) ale, incredible architecture, cashmere and ancient history, then by all means head across the pond! It is no wonder Scots drink so much. First, there isn't a lot to do. There are approximately 700 pubs for 400-500,000 people. Second, I see why it is easier to obtain whiskey rather than water. It's cold! Bitterly cold. The Scots claim whiskey as their country's central heating system. As I traveled I was questioned as to whether or not I was going to Schipol. Having no idea what 'Schipol' meant, I assumed they were asking if I was doing a lot of connecting flights so sometimes I answered "Yes" and sometimes I answered "No" figuring I had a 50/50 chance of getting it right. Turns out Schipol is the name of the airport in Amsterdam. You know, the airport where I left my purse on the conveyer belt and proceeded to board my plane. Classy. Hey, by the way - great inflight movie choices, most of which had not been released to DVD yet. Score. Second? Delta makes a mean penne with marinara. KLM Dutch Airlines however, does not. Third? One Benadryl, a little sip of wine and 1/2 of an Ambien tablet creates the perfect recipe for sleeping through 50 million time zones. I have posted a couple pics of the Edinburgh Castle. A most gorgeous place complete with a pet cemetery for former soldier's guard dogs. Really cute gift shop as well. Oh yeah, the ancient stained glass, chapel, art work and craftsmanship was pretty awesome as well :)

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