Thursday, January 9, 2014

Scotland Travel Tips

Just a little travel tip for you regarding Starbucks. Holland doesn't accept Starbucks gift cards but Scotland does. Just remember the exchange rate. :) Hey, this is important stuff to know! I found it refreshing to visit a country that swears almost as much I do. I kid. Honestly though, the 'f' word is commonly used in general dialogue or should I clarify, "For fook's sake' is the actual phrase used. I found myself a wee bit concerned when I realized I was beginning to use it as well. I'm also finding it a bit disconcerting that since I have been home I have failed to see the bed turned down, my slippers awaiting my feet, my bath towel adequately heated and my still water on the night stand. Seriously, the Balmoral Hotel is amazing. I was embarrassed by how much they spoiled us, especially for being an American :) Lest you think this hotel is flawless, bear in mind their WiFi stinks My guess? People simply aren't as addicted to technology like we are in the States. On another note, doesn't Heather Honey sound exotic and simply lovely on the palate? It is if you love the taste of grass...after cows have digested it. Not that I would know the taste of grass after cows have digested it but if I did, I think it would be very similar. Also, its not cool to pay for things in Scotland with American dollars. News Flash, we aren't in America anymore. 'Please don't insult our intelligence with your American currency darlin.' So, places to see...Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile for pubs and shops, Johnson's and Hawick's Cashmere stores (for the finest locally made)St. Giles Cathedral, The National Museum of Scotland, Scotland's Whiskey Distillery tour (even if you don't drink, the sheer chemistry involved in making whiskey is pretty interesting and again...very cool gift shop :) So, a quick note about Cashmere. One would think the finest cashmere would come from the lovely woolen coat of a heritage bred sheep. Not so my lads and lassies. Check this one is from goats. Good ol' goats. Wait, it gets better. The goats aren't shorn like a sheep. Oh no, these guys and gals have their bellies and necks hand combed. Goats don't have the same wax build up that sheep do in their wool plus the comb decreases it even more. I know you are better off for knowing this so you are welcome. Oh and prepare to pay high dollars for this and make sure it is milled locally. Yes, I asked all the Portlandia questions.

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