Friday, January 10, 2014

The Truth Behind Haggis

The truth behind Haggis is simple. It is an insult to cuisine. At least if you are an American. If you are a Scotsman, well then you have a homey classic comfort food. Scots are known for this dish and Haggis tends to turn up in the remote of ways. One can find chunked up in a venison burger, you may also find it in a omelette or baked potato topping. Traditionally one will find it in all it's glory at a favorite pub, served with Neeps and Tatties (mashed turnips and potatoes), and gravy. The ingredients in Haggis aren't for the faint of heart, no pun intended. Basically it is chopped up organ meats and sheep lung stuffed into the lining of a sheep's stomach and cooked. It is seasoned with spices typically found in mince pies. If you don't want to make it yourself (as if) then you can find it pre made (or should I say pre stuffed) in the refrigerated section of your grocer. Let's be honest, Scotland isn't readily known for its outstanding cuisine. If you are in a good quality pub then haddock fish and chips can be a fairly safe bet, however it is ALWAYS served with peas. Do not ever order Pizza. That is all I will say about that. Do not ever order beans. It will be served to you out a Heinz blue tin in which beans have been canned with tomato sauce. It is not Chili, just FYI. I do recommend some S words: scrambled eggs, shortbread, scones (both sweet and savory) and salmon. Scotland's baking scene needs some improvement. My research revealed most baking and desserts aren't made in house, including the bakeries! I smell an opportunity for a business here :)

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