Monday, February 10, 2014


This morning I had an ugly cry. One of those snot runner, hiccuping,dish towel throwing, hide in the laundry type cries.  As I have written, I'm attempting to do some crafting and the results have been somewhat taxing on my self esteem. I battle serious jealousy over the wonder moms who can craft. If they are selling their creations well then all bets are off. You just became my worst nightmare.
I finished this snood/scarf monstrosity for Gracie Greyhound last night. I have resorted to making dog accessories because humans can't wear my unique 'designs.'
At this point Gracie is pretty pissed to be my guinea pig. She takes a lot of pride in her appearance and my attempt at art simply isn't cutting it. I know the picture doesn't make it look too terribly awful but that's the beauty of Photoshop. The only time photoshop doesn't work is for the women on magazine covers because we all know they look like that in real life 
I digress....
I have a very limited supply of knitting supplies. I used to have a nice stash until Gracie broke into my knitting bag and tore everything up, using my needles as if they were toothpicks. 
This morning was the third and final straw. I had made a lovely breakfast of French toast using bread I had baked from scratch and strawberry sauce made from berries picked over the summer. I had Marley closed in the family room while I cooked. We opened to find craftastrophe in the family room. Marley had climbed on the table and pulled out all supplies and tore it all to crap. Yet again, another craft fail. Everything ruined.
Lucky promptly put me in the car afterny meltdown and drove straight to the store for replacements. He saw the take no prisoner look in my eye as I was listing Marley on Craig's List :)
My working title for my book is currently, 'The Mom's Guide to Crafting Failures' just in case there is anyone out there who wants to know how to do it successfully.

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