Thursday, February 27, 2014

Shout Out To Those Raising Human Beings

Now that my babies aren't necessarily babies anymore life has changed a bit. For the record, I will always call my children my 'babies.' Yes, in public. Yes, in front of them in public and yes, when they start dating and get married. I figure I have earned the right since I endured labor to bring them into this world. As far as life changing I can now do errands while the children are at school. I no longer need to wear Will tucked into my front with Jaimey strapped on my back while I frantically grocery shop before the next diaper blow out. I no longer need to leave a cart full of groceries and exit the store to deal with hysterical sobbing. The old worn out cliché just might hold a grain of truth. "Time goes really fast, before you know they will be grown." Now at almost 10 and 12 years of age I guess I have to agree a little bit. However I would NEVER say that to a stressed out mom. That is the last thing you want to hear because you want them grown at that very instant! Who would have ever thought the day would come when my kids have B.O. and hair on their legs? Who would ever have thought they could do math problems so much better and easier than I EVER could? Who would have ever thought they could navigate IPhone apps and computers? So as mothers of older kids we kinda need to keep an eye out on moms of the wee ones. Deep down I want to defend and have their back if you will because I have lived what they are experiencing now. I remember the early days of passing other moms in the store aisles in our sweats and messy ponytails and giving each other that look of solidarity, fist pump, power to the moms kinda thing because during our times of sleep deprivation and cranky children it helped to know we weren't alone. For the record, do understand there are millions of dads doing it too so please don't think I am excluding them in this diatribe of mine. I find I still make eye contact with the wee one moms except now with more empathy, compassion and an understanding smile. I feel bad when a young mom apologizes to me in the store for the volume of her crying baby. I feel bad when some jackass lets the door slam in her face while she is carrying 50 millions packages and babies all on her own. I feel bad when a toddler throws a sippy cup with incredible aim and cold cocks someone in the head resulting in an embarrassed mom profusely apologizing to the victim. We were all babies once and I for one, made it so my mom had to apologize A LOT! Let's give the mom's a break and show them some love, damn it! They have a lot to teach us in the way of patience, unconditional love and being real. So with that in mind I have been attempting to be more conscious in offering even the smallest of gestures such as holding the door, picking up things for them when their kiddos throw it out of the cart, smiling and commenting on their kid's good behavior or manners. I remember that stuff went a long way with me. I really should be thanking /complimenting them for their tireless efforts as they strive to raise amazing human beings. Let's face it, the raising of children could probably be featured on the program, "Dirty Jobs." However, lest I sound calloused, the perks of children far outweigh the diarrhea. Heck, the tax break alones makes it worth it. :) So, if the "Time goes really fast" yada yada bs is true there will come a time in the near future that I will be a mother of teenagers and will be looking to the moms of the 20 somethings, hoping for their kindness as well. Full circle.

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