Monday, February 10, 2014


Just sharing some snow photos about the neighborhood and things I have 'working' on. Ray shared this lovely photo of Will during their sledding adventures that I wanted to include. Speaking of Will, I was sprucing up his room and found this coffee filter craft that I thought would look cool in his room. It's the craft where you dye the ruffled part of the filter in food coloring. I did them in bold Lego colors. When they were done I mounted them on his ceiling to make it look like stars amongst his space themed   room. Oh . My. Word. I don't mean to sound rude but it looked like someone had shot boogers through a straw up on the ceiling. By the way, I hate the word, 'booger' but it is the only word to describe the horror. Seriously, I hate that I suck at crafting.
This may be our last day of snow hell so to celebrate I'm going attempt to knit and felt hot pads. This oughta be great...

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