Friday, February 28, 2014

What Do You Want To Do?

Much like the week, weekends come and I want/need a plan. Forget living in the moment. I like to know what we are doing, where we are going and what time we will be there. Takes a lot of fun out of the 'play it by ear' concept, I realize. But like everything else, this too is something I am working on. However, it didn't help my process when I asked the kids what they might like to do over the weekend. Actually that was probably my first mistake... Will - "I want to hang out in my gym shorts with no shirt and one sock. All weekend. Also, I don't want to shower." Jaimey - "I don't care what we do. Whatever - maybe go to the library and maybe we can bake a bunch of stuff?" Jessie - "I'm not sure - I might have plans with friends" Nickie- "I don't know, what do YOU think we should do?" So very helpful, bless their hearts. Then there is Lucky who would have the perfect plan but at the present is very much engrossed in exam prep for his next week's 5 year license renewal. While it only comes every 5 years, it hits with a vengeance. On the up side, it allows him to be legally operating so hey, that's a plus :) So I guess I'm not planning anything which is absolutely killing me. I guess I will choose to embrace the mantra of "playing it by ear" and "living in the moment" which in mom speak means I will be cleaning up after 3 dogs and 4 kids. If I can sneak in a couple episodes of 'Sons of Anarchy Season 4' then kudos to me! In reality I should be really thankful. They COULD have asked for shopping trips, amusement parks, movie theaters, arcades, new video games and expensive meals out. I appreciate they don't ask a lot and are content with the simple things like homemade sundaes, camp fires in the back yard, library trips and chicken enchiladas for dinner. Maybe I will be able to achieve living in the moment after all!

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