Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Today my baby boy is 10 years old. Funny thing is, I gave birth to him yesterday at 11:15am. He arrived with much less fanfare than his sister had 2 years prior. Rather than a doctor, several nurses and family gathered in the room the only 'guests' with Will were my doctor, 1 nurse and Ray. Will arrived with a couple of big pushes and I birthed him in complete silence. That was the last day of silence mind you as Will was and still remains quite a chatter box (AKA annoying.) My babies were both due in April yet each were born 3 weeks early, 2 days apart. One would think with such close similarities they would have some sort of bond, much like twins. In. My. Dreams. In fact, because Jaimey was so small and Will so big, I was often asked if they WERE twins. I have often told that story to the kids and they both looked so offended by it, I quickly changed the subject to what their diapers used to be like to change. Anyway, in honor of Will turning 10, Jaimey's last year before becoming a teen, sheer luck and the generosity of their father, the kids are enjoying the thrill of a lifetime in truly the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. Thanks to their dad, they are screaming their way through the Matterhorn, Space Mountain, Goofy's Kitchen and yes, even Starbucks as I write this. I'm not going to lie, it is mind numbing painful for me to have them away on their birthdays, yet the trip had been planned for several months and was simply too good a thing to pass up. I felt I would be denying them a wonderful opportunity if their dad and I couldn't agree over it. Will is throwing me a bone by asking when he is coming home, telling me how much he misses me and how he can't wait for the spring break fun together. This actually translates to, "Hurry up and stop talking, Mom. I have Splash Mountain waiting for me." Either way, I'm nursing my wounds by reminding myself they are having a blessed occasion they will remember for a lifetime, (providing they don't have dementia or Alzheimer's when they are older.) That would really suck because it would be sad to forget something as wonderful as a week with their dad in Disneyland.

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