Book Review

Rarely do I find a book that resonates with me as deeply as, "Carry On, Warrior Thoughts On Life Unarmed," by Glennon Melton who is the creator of She has officially achieved Anne Lamott status in my mind and that my friends, is Very. Big. I love how real and honest her words are. This girl is not your typical mom of Christian based faith (I don't mean to stereotype.) No, this gal has lived through some serious effed up shit and has actually lived to tell about it. Very bravely and honestly, I might add. I love that she embraces and promotes diversity. I love that she chooses and encourages love over judgment. I love that she is real in her parenting and admits that the whole Carpe Diem in regard to raising her kids actually makes her paranoid and panicky. I could go on and on but I am encouraging women (and men) to read it. I don't often laugh out loud and ooze tears over a book but this baby done did it. If she ever ran for public office, I would so vote for her. "Carry On, Warrior proves that by shedding our weapons and armor, we can stop hidng, competing, and striving for the mirage of perfection, to build better lives in our hearts, homes and communities." Bravo Glennon, bravo.


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