Acne And Armpits

Let's face it. Those who are mothers are perhaps looking at the end of the school year with a mixture of both anticipation and dread. I know I am one of them. Author and speaker, Jen Hatmaker, pretty much nailed it on the head with her end of school year blog post. It was epic! She verbalized what millions of moms were thinking and doing. Thank God I'm not alone. The year has come with many, many changes. Periods, acne, new schools, new houses and for my son, armpits. Basically, if he doesn't wear deodorant he smells like old tacos. He claims to have one chest hair and one armpit hair. The jury is still out on that one but one verdict is in. He smells. Like a 10 year old sweaty boy. The sad thing is I love it. Why? Because he is my boy. The kid's lunches are getting a bit dicey with summer fast approaching. Confession. I am not always sending fruit and cheese sticks. There is a 'rumor' I am sending Cheetos, juice boxes and Oreos. For crying out loud, in my sleep deprived state this morning I thought the ice cream topping was jam while I was making sandwiches. Imagine the kids when they bite into those puppies. If I send my go to in a pinch 'no bake cookies' in the kid's lunches one more time, there will probably be a mutiny. It is also possible that I sent stale Pirate's Booty. My son has 4 unfinished math assignments in his backpack. There will probably be 5 by end of day. He has lost his planner and Columbia ski jacket his father bought him. I'm pretty sure one of the girls is flunking PE while the other has overslept and has been late for school 5 out of 6 mornings. Another hasn't ordered senior photos or graduation announcements. Graduation is less than 3 weeks away. She has decided she wants a new car for her graduation present. I suddenly feel the urgent need to mass produce her announcements myself and set up a "Go Fund Me' account on Facebook for her. We ate popcorn for dinner last night. Yay for Mother's Day. We may have it again tonight. Yay for the day after Mother's Day. The dog projectile vomited 8 times in a row. We now need new carpet. My kids got me a beautiful floral arrangment of Lilies and Irises. They also made a darling video tribute for Mother's Day and told me I'm pretty. They know how to get me because for now, all of the above mentioned complaints have been temporarily forgotten in lieu of their loving gestures. But only until tomorrow....


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