An Apology....

It has come to my attention that a blog post I wrote several days ago offended some by my grievous use of the F word. Often, when I write, I write very quickly and what comes to mind goes on the keyboard. It is my catharsis, my own very personal means of journaling to let it out because I can then go back and 'clean it up' so to speak before releasing to "The Online" :) Therein lies the beauty of the edit function, or so I thought. Well, apparently I learned my lesson because either I didn't press "Save" after editing or my computer tooted. At any rate many F bombs were released into the great unknown. I just wanted to apologize and for the record, I removed the offending post from my blog. That is probably one of the unpardonable sins in the writing world but I would never want to cause someone to be offended. That being said, I shall move on and perhaps pour out my angst on paper first while working on my 'languge barrier' In other news, today is graduation and 3 dogs ate the entire cap from the whole cap and gown ensemble. Blankety blank blank... :)


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