It's Here Again...

Summer, that is. As of next week parents will be released from strict schedules, although a whole new season of schedules will replace it. In good ways and bad, I suppose. Unless I want to pay 1,000.00 for the girls to attend 5 days of horse camp I'm needing to get pretty creative here. Enter the library. This summer they are hosting free art classes, jewelry making classes and a reading contest. I looked into a baking/pastry program for the girls at a local kitchen supply store. I know that seems silly since that is what I went to school for but by the time I were to buy all the ingredients to equal the variety the class is offering, well it's a no brainer. Plus, they make everything from pie to gelato. The best part? They bring everything they make home. For. Five. Days. In. A. Row. Boom! It is a win win. Our pool will be opening soon - for freeeee! I'm also finding some additional art classes that are within the budget and offer a tremendous opportunity for growth. Will is taking a fencing class to help perfect his Ninja like skills. Hey, at this point I will take anything to get that kid off the couch. I hope to highlight some inexpensive options as summer kicks off. Don't get me started on how much fruit I intend to have the kids pick. One fun thing coming up next week is I get to go in and have surgery. My doctor, after my examinations and such asked me, "So what are you doing next week"? I said, "Well, lots of stuff since they kids are getting out of school." He replied, "Perfect, go ahead and cancel all that because I'm taking you into surgery on Wednesday." And since it seems like that is how I roll, I told him that he rocked and what a great idea that was. ??? Seems like this gal is turning into an ol' gal and my pipes are needing some work, so to speak. All that lovely stuff us girls have to endure. Seriously, my first question to him was "Is this going to be painful and can you please put me out?" Yes and yes. For several weeks I have been experiencing a lot of issues and when I told my mom in passing, she stopped me and said, "Hold up, how long have you had this?" Upon her insistence I called my doctor who kindly brought me in. Now let me just say that my doctor has to be the most non aggressive gynecologist in the world. I mean nothing sways the guy, he moves at his own pace and is extremely mellow with a voice I swear if you closed your eyes you would think it was Bert from Sesame Street's "Bert and Ernie." He always says, "Let's give it a few weeks and see what happens." I kid you not, I have been with him for 10 years and Every. Single. Time. I am being seen for an appt he will start with the same thing, "So, what's goin on?" "Well, you tell me but I'm pretty sure you admitted me to the hospital because I'm having a baby." Anyhoo, since he actually made a decision while in his office I figured it must be something that needs taken care of. However, let it be said, I'm gonna milk this thing for all it's worth in terms of claiming I need 'rest and minimal stress.' I'm behind on my Netflix series and all my books. I'm also not going to cook for like at least 2 weeks :) Laundry? Nope. You need to be dropped off where? Sorry, I shouldn't be driving. You need money for what event? Sorry, can't make it to the bank. Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream? Well, don't mind if I do. Fresh flowers? Yes, thank you very much. Starbucks home delivery? Sounds delightful. A new BMW? My, how generous. All this to say our summer is off to a rip roarin' start and I'm excited to see how this house is going to utterly fail without me. Mwhahawhahaha....... If it goes better then it will appear I have a much bigger problem on my hands


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