Marionberry Pie

I taught myself how to bake pie when I was 17. It was quite a process. How was I to know that fruit pies, specifically berry pies needed a thickener? What a mess and let's not go to the whole crust making procedure. Obviously I had created the recipe in my head. Through years of trial and error I have finally mastered the Oregon Marionberry pie to the right consistency. Not too dry but not too 'gushy'. Marionberries, in my mind, are completely synonymous with classic Oregon comfort food. At the time I was living on my family's remote farm in a rural area of Oregon. Marionberries were plentiful - somehow that particular climate provided the optimum berry growing experience. At any rate, they were free and surprisingly good. They kept their shape well upon baking and the sweet/tart flavor the baked berries exuded was lovely. For me, every time I smell this pie I am immediately transported back to those 55 acres in the middle of nowhere, baking several of these pies weekly because of the berry abundance. To further your Oregon experience, pair it with Vanilla ice cream (specifically Umpqua ice cream if available). See my previous blog post on the whole pie crust scene. For this pie use the following - simple dimple, no biggie, super easy. 4 Cups Marionberries (if you use frozen let them partially thaw first) 3/4 Cup Sugar 3 Tablespoons Instant Tapioca Right now Marionberries are in season, early as it is. My Farmers Market just had their first batch last Saturday. Now if you just have access to Blackberries, well then use those. The flavor will be a bit different but still delicious. Gently combine all 3 ingredients (see my photos below for some visual) and let them 'macerate' to dissolve the Tapioca and create some natural juices. Berries can liquify quickly so keep an eye on it. While they are sitting, prep your pan and crust. Pour all the berries in the crust and place the top crust on. See my previous post for all the crimping/steam vent creating/glazing goodness. I bake my pie right around 350 until golden brown and the crust should have an almost cracked sugar glaze on it. Let cool for some time to thicken and set. Here is a problem however. After all the photos, details and such that I did on this little pie post I forgot to take a photo of the inside of the pie. And when I finally remembered to do so, lo and behold the pie had been eaten. I wouldn't know anything about that.....


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