Welcome To Starclucks!

Once upon a time there was a little girl. This little girl lived in the city with a 1/2 acre for a backyard. On this 1/2 acre lot 20 chickens, a pair of goats (who had twins), ducks, geese, cats, a mean rooster named Kingfish, citrus trees and a prolific vegetable garden abounded. The little girl loved it even though she had to drink goat's milk and eat wheat germ breaded french toast for breakfast. One of the little girl's chores was to collect all the chicken eggs from the coop. But one morning she got very scared. She stopped collecting the eggs. The hens had become very mean and broody and refused to get off the nests. In turn, every time the little girl got close to the nests the hens would try to peck and attack her. Finally after several days the little girl was asked why there weren't any eggs. The girl lied and said it was because the hens had stopped laying. Suspicions arose as the lie continued and finally upon investigation it was discovered there were so many eggs the hens couldn't sit on all of them. The little girl got in a lot of trouble for lying and wasting all the eggs by letting them sit there. She was told to move the hens off the nest immediately or she would be locked inside the coop with the chickens until she did so. The little girl couldn't do it out of fear of getting attacked, so she was promptly locked in the coop alone with the hens. Hours passed and the little girl grew more and more scared. The little girl stayed as close to the door as possible. The hens continued to eye her warily and were none too pleased by the intrusion. As evening came on the girl became increasingly frightened and she began to wonder if she was going to have to stay the night with the chickens. However the door finally opened and the little girl was offered one last chance before being locked in for the night. Out of fear and desperation the little girl ran to the nest, closed her eyes and in one fell swoop lifted the hens one by one in quick succession. The little girl felt intense relief that she had done it. She was then told to collect the eggs and she could be allowed back in the house. One would think the little girl would be scarred for life but since that day the little girl was never scared of chickens again. As she grew into a middle schooler she could be found hanging out with the hens, cleaning their coops and claiming them as her pets. The day finally came that the little girl and her family moved far away so the chickens were sold to a new home. She was very sad. The little girl grew up and became an adult with children of her own. For years she had wanted to live somewhere that she could have her own small flock of hens again. One day the litle girl who was now a big girl shared her desire for such and was promptly asked, "Where would you like me to build the coop?" The little girl who is now a big girl became very excited and decided she would call their little flock "Starclucks" because she was weird like that. She would name her 4 hens, Frappucino, Mocha, Latte and Cappucino (Capi for short) much to the amusement of her family. The 4 Rhode Island Reds will be coming to the big girl's house very soon as they are still in training to become baristas. But alas. The big girl has a son of her own now. He has shared that he is very frightened of chickens. One thing is for sure. My little boy will never be locked in a coop like his mother because he was too scared to move the hen off the nest.


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