Sunday, July 6, 2014

I Forgot It Was The 4th Of July

In all my flurry of the chicken's arrival and hyper focusing on their care, I kinda forgot it was the 4th of July. Our day was a bit unique in terms of celebrating - definitely not the typical cliche of watching fireworks over the lake, which by the way is truly pretty and lovely. We decided to stay in because of, get this, the ANIMALS. Oh boy. Let me say though, our dogs freak over fireworks and become so agitated that had we left we would have had our own firework mess to clean up. So we brought the 4th to our house instead, complete with a camp fire and the kids roasting hot dogs and smores over the fire. I made vanilla chocolate cupcakes and that was that. No sparklers, no nuthin'. We were however hanging out in the chicken pen trying to wrangle into their coop for the night so that is always entertaining. That trumped a fireworks light show right there. Right? OK, maybe not....

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