Yesterday found us on a little field trip to our favorite salvage store in the Mississippi District of North Portland. Always an adventure. The store we visited is called "The Rebuilding Center" and the proceeds go to the United Villages - a non profit organization. It is an adventure all on it's own if you are into reclaimed home materials. If you are lucky, you can find some very cool vintage materials or some very bold 70's cabinetry and fixtures. Whatever your style, basically. We were on the hunt for doors as I have used one in a garden project and we are now repurposing some into gates to help fence the rest of the yard. Stay tuned for photos once the project is completed. We weren't disappointed on this trip as you can find doors, depending on the era, anywhere from 10 bucks to a couple hundred. Once we secured our door, we took a little stroll through the neighborhood, stopping for ice cream at Ruby Jewel (a must visit, no brainer, don't go to this neighborhood without buying their ice cream) shop. Next, on to a cool vintage used clothing store called Animal Traffic. So this whole vintage clothing gig...guess what the time period was? Yup. The 80's. My years! What is this about the 80's being vintage? 18 year old Jessi scored some high waisted black Lee jean shorts and a San Diego cropped t-shirt. What the? How come that stuff never looked cool on me back in the day? No fair. To my credit, I tried on some skirts and loved them however they looked like crap on me so back to the rack they went. Gotta check the place out though, if for no other reason than a trip down memory lane for those folks kickin' the 80's. Let's face it, the store pretty much rocked and lots of hipsters were workin the clothes. Esprit plaid skirts anyone? And if 80's clothes aren't your things then hop across the street to "Fresh Pot" (no, not a marijuana dispensary) for some killer iced mochas and equally killer baristas. Lots of murals and urban art posters decorate all the telephone poles as seen below plus cool old buildings with tons of character. I plan on taking Will to the Mac and Cheese restaurant. Yes, all they sell is Mac and Cheese. Will's kinda place and I love Pistols Nursery where the chickens rule the roost, so to speak and you can get every kind of succulent and herb known to man. Fun day, depsite the heat. Naps to follow and a bike ride to round out the day made for a no complaints Sunday.


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