Friday, August 1, 2014

Mom's Day

Now that we have moved a bit farther away, we don't get to see my mom as often as we used to and if I go too long without visiting her I find myself in a bit of a depressed funk. I was getting my attitude on last week and not in a good, healthy way. I needed me a mom fix. The kids and I went down for the day yesterday to mom's farm and got our party on which translates to pie making, arguing over cinnamon in a pie crust, (goes against my entire pastry theology), discussing if we preferred the medium size M&Ms or the regular ones (medium!), challenging the kids to board games of Risk and Checkers and eating orange sherbet out on the swingset. Mom had purchased a movie for the kids to watch and asked Will how he liked it. Of course he quipped, "There is some language." Leave it to my mother to say, "Are there any words you have never heard before?" Will said "No" to which Mom replied, "Well good because now I don't have to explain what any of them mean to you." Everything was going great until the inevitable happened. The toilet overflowed. The offending party shall remain nameless (my son, cough cough) but let it be known the 4 of us had an impromptu bathroom clean up together. If you have never shared that experience as a family, I would encourage it. Beautiful time of bonding. We are going back next week. I'm sure mom can't wait to see us again....

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